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We would like to start this newsletter off by saying congrats to one of our very own, Matthew Cowley on joining the married club of OK. This past weekend on Saturday, September 20th 2014, Matthew was able to marry Eyesha in Auburn, Alabama with his line brothers there right at his side. The lovely couple is pictured in the bottom pic while Matt and his line brothers are pictured in the pic above.


This month the brothers were able to do what OK does best and that is step. The brothers in the chapter were able to participate in the NPHC unity yard show on our campus, and also had the opportunity to compete in an Ice Kream stroll off at Tuskegee University in which we came in Phirst place. The picture from the unity yard show is shown above and the Tuskegee show is pictured below.


Another big accomplishment for OK goes to our very own Eric Coleman. Eric has recently passed the Alabama Bar Exam and is now officially a licensed attorney in the State of Alabama. Please join us in congratulating him in his many achievements thus far in his career.



The brothers of Omicron Kappa have started volunteering every Thursday at the Jason Dufner Foundation. This foundation focuses on ending childhood hunger in the Lee County area by working with local businesses and other local organizations. This foundation has been able to provide weekend meals for more than 800 children in the area. And OK has been able to contribute to this goal by helping packing lunches for the children.



As stated in the Newsletter before, reunion weekend is still set to take place on Oct 3rd-4th. Hopefully all the brothers were able to receive the details about the weekend, and if you weren't, please respond to this email so we can get that information in your hands so you will be able to register for the weekend.



IAMBK is a program that the brothers have been participating in for about 3 years now. IAMBK stands for I am my brothers keeper and is a tutoring program set at the Boy's and Girl's club. In the picture above, brother Darnell Bunch and brother Courtney Bass are tutoring some of the students in the program.

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