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** "I Am My Brother's Keeper"

A hundred and thirty third Psalms by David. Behold, how good and pleasant it is when brothers dwell in unity. Above is a photo of the brothers who were able to participate in this year's reunion weekend as we celebrated the win against LSU and also fellowshipped amongst each other.

** OK at Districts

On October 31st- November 2nd, the brothers were able to participate in this year's district convention in Montgomery Alabama where the focus was on leadership. The brothers had the chance to win first place in both the Scholar's bowl and also the Oratorical competition in which brother Ben Baker gave a very influential speech entitled "No More" based on the effects of social media on the black community. The brothers were also given the chance to meet Old School Big Brother Eddie D. Compton III as he gave the brothers some great stories about life in the chapter in 1988!

** Congrats!

A big congrats to Varian Sanders as he recently got married on September 27th 2014. Please join us in wishing him and his wife congratulations!

** Probate Season

It is that time of year again gentlemen! We are excited about the new initiates that we have coming into our chapter and feel that they have shown qualities well fit to be in our fraternity and chapter. The boys have been working hard and long, and would love for you to be in attendance for their Neophyte Presentation on December 6th, 2014 in the Student Center ballroom at 7:06pm

** Miss Black and Gold

On October 19th the brothers were able to put on a successful pageant with the help of our very own brother Courtney Bass as he coordinated the pageant. The picture above shows our lovely contestants and also our new Miss Black and Gold 2014-2015 court. The picture below shows our 2014-2015 Miss Black and Gold Nwando Anwah.

** Community Service

This month the chapter had the chance to participate in a cancer walk where we walked a mile to raise awareness for all types of cancer. We also had a chance to participate in Wine and Shoes, which is an event where the brothers were able to step with Aubie and open for coach Bruce Pearl for ladies donating money to raise awareness for breast cancer. The cancer walk is shown in the top pic and the brothers participating in Wine and Shoes is pictured below.

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